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Why Learn CPR, AED, and First Aide?

CPR saves lives! More than 300,000 people have cardiac arrests in the United States every year.  Sudden cardiac arrest happens when an electrical rhythm problem occurs and the heart is no longer able to pump blood effectively to the rest of the body. You will see a person suddenly collapse, lose consciousness, and stop breathing. The longer the body goes without circulation, the lower the chance of survival. By performing CPR, you are able to help the person’s blood continue circulating until an ambulance arrives and more advance life support can be attempted. The chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest increases significantly, by more than double, when CPR is started early.

Become a Hero in your Community

Georgia has become a vibrant state with many diverse communities and now holds approximately 9,687,653 citizens (source: Suburban Stats). Georgia is attracting more and more young families each year. In addition to these growing communities comes the need for quality and properly trained healthcare professionals, as well as the general public. Airport CPR offers CPR, AED, and Fist Aide Training that will allow individuals to have the proper fundamentals and knowledge to potentially help sustain life for a victim until advance medical support arrives.  

Receive A Free CPR Mini Travel Kit With Your First Class.

Save Lives with Airport CPR's CPR Mini Travel Kit. The CPR Mini Travel Kit allows you to potentially save lives without putting yourself at risk of infection. 


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