The Importance of CPR Workplace Training

Are you an employer that has made a decision to promote workplace safety and emergency preparedness?  Businesses across the country are enrolling their staff in CPR training courses because they understand the importance of keeping both customers and employees safe on  their business premises.  No one can predict when a first aid emergency will strike, but your business can always take measures to prepare. Calling AIRPORT CPR is the first step in getting your business CPR-ready. 

Big or small AIRPORT CPR instructors can team up with businesses to create a customized plan of action so that you can effectively deal with a future emergency.  

Why Employee CPR Training?

The answer is simple: CPR saves lives.  A minimal investment in first aid training can mean the difference between saving a life and being too late. There are many benefits of corporate CPR training that include but are not limited to the following benefits:

ECONOMICAL: In-House training affords employees  the opportunity to gain valuable skills they need without missing excessive work time, by allowing AIRPORT CPR to come to your location. We provide a low cost-per-trainee pricing plan for employee groups of 10 or more. 

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION: Offering  CPR training shows your employees that you value them as teammates and have a vested interest in their health and well being. Providing CPR training on site demonstrates your business is focused on them in the event of an emergency. 

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING PROGRAMS: AIRPORT CPR understands that  every business has its own unique hazards that it must address. We recognize that not all standard programs fit every business. At AIRPORT CPR, our training programs are tailored to your companies needs in an effort to provide the opportunity to have a solid emergency preparedness plan in place before an emergency.

Get the training  and certification that your employees need with AIRPORT CPR. 

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