Airport CPR


The edge that Airport CPR has compared to other CPR training is that our instructors are Paramedics/EMT and Firefighters and Nurses. This is what we do! Everyday of our lives are dedicated to saving lives and we are passionate about it! We want to educate our fellow medical professionals as well as lay(public) providers to have be competent and confident in saving lives. 

The mission of Airport CPR is to promote the health and well being of the local community by providing accessible, high-quality first-aid training to people of all ages, while teaching the true values of delivering exceptional customer service. Participants will also have the ability to perform CPR with confidence and proficiency. Airport CPR is committed to providing healthcare and customer service training that will exceed the expectations of our clients. Medical emergencies such as Cardiac Arrest, Choking or an Allergic Reaction has no reservation date. Medical emergencies can happen anytime at anyplace. It is imperative to enhance your companies’ safety plan by implementing the knowledge of CPR to staff members. Allowing your staff to have the training, skill and knowledge to possibly help a customer or even a staff member experiencing a medical emergency is a true value of exceptional customer service. As a result, in the event that a medical emergency takes place at your company, your trained staff will be able to assist if needed until medical responders arrive.      

We thank you for considering Airport CPR to enhance your personal first aid skills as well as reduce professional liabilities to companies while giving the communities around us the confidence to help save lives!