Airport CPR



"911 What's your emergency?" Those words are never ones you want to hear. AIRPORT CPR can train you to calmly and effectively respond as you wait for the trained professionals. 

AIRPORT CPR instructor's are trained  Paramedics/EMT, Firefighters and Nurses. This is what we do! Everyday of our lives are dedicated to saving lives and we are passionate about it! We educate our clients to such an extent that they are confident rendering CPR aid with competence and confidence.

The mission of AIRPORT CPR is to promote the health and well being of the local community by providing accessible, high-quality first-aid CPR training to people of all walks of life. 

AIRPORT CPR is committed to providing First Class training that encompasses individualized curriculums, concise training methodologies and professionalism. 

Medical emergencies will happen. AIRPORT CPR is your best resource to handle them effectively. In the event that a medical emergency takes place on your premises, your AIRPORT CPR trained staff will be able to assist if needed until medical responders arrive.      


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